Fiber Artist


I love quilting my own quilts in my domestic sewing machine.  Sometimes I use the Walking Foot but Free Motion Quilting is my favorite method.

To my parents’ consternation, I have always been something of a free-spirit and this carries over into my quilting process where there are many things I do “my way” - including not marking my quilts at all.

In this lecture I will explain my method, show you how Free Motion Quilting is Brain Training that will help you day to day, share with you some easy and fun exercises to help keep your brain in shape, and explain you how to create beautiful Free Motion Quilting designs without marking, regardless if you have never done it before. 

All my lectures are also available in Spanish



Did you know the celebration of the “Day of the Dead” is actually a happy holiday in Mexico? Who is La Catrina? And how is she related to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera? Have you ever visited Cancun or the Rivera Maya? Did you hear about Princess Nicte-Ha?
In this lecture I will answer those questions and more. Stories and history inspire me.  From Mayan legends to folksy sayings to Proverbs - I will share with you some of the fabulous legends, romantic stories and treasured traditions behind some of my quilts that have been exhibited in quilt shows around the world.

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 What is Zentangle?  Why is it abstract?  What benefits it could bring for you? And how can it be incorporate into quilts?  I will answer this and more questions for you during my lecture.


A lecture for no quilting or sewing related groups. With a small demostration, I explain how the Zentangle Method® is an easy-to-learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by being an empowering and uplifting experience. Zentangle® develops confidence and accomplishment, self-esteem, stress-reduction and well-being. 


There are many different kinds of needles in the market and different kinds of threads that sometimes it is overwhelming and hard to choose.  After listening to my lecture you will become an expert in the needle and thread combination.  I will explain you my method for choosing the right needle and thread for the specific task you want to make. I will emphasize the options for quilting but also talk about sewing in different materials. No more thread breaking while sewing and no more giant holes in your quilt.  Let me tell you my tips for you to get in your quilts the same look I get in mines.