The Zentangle® Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It is an empowering and uplifting experience. This creative process develops confidence and accomplishment, self-esteem, stress-reduction and well-being. 

I am a Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT) and in this workshop I I will teach you how I translated the Zentangle Method® into stitches to create Zentangle® Art Quilts or what I call Quiltangles®.  (Some Free Motion Quilting experience is desirable but not required).

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Fiber Artist

CONFETTI ART QUILTS 3 hours or 6 hours

Learn how to turn small scraps into original and artistic appliques.  Have you been saving materials that are too pretty to throw away but haven’t found a use for? Now you can use even the smallest piece of fabric and incorporate other leftover materials such as thread, yarn, silk, tulle, organza… almost anything that can go through the needle of your machine!  This method adds lots of texture to your quilts, immediately catching the interest of the viewer.  (Many materials included).


Because Free Motion is my favorite way of quilting I used to say that I don’t like the Walking Foot because it’s boring. Correction: it’s not boring. You can have a lot of fun using it.

If you are not ready for Free Motion Quilting yet, come take this class I designed, where I'll teach you how the Walking Foot can be used for so much more than just 'stitch in the ditch'.  I will show you how to use this foot in all its potential to get great results.

CIRCLES, CIRCLES Quilt Top  4 hours or 6 hours

All you need is one layer cake (or two if you want it bigger) and some fabric for the border because I already did all the cutting math for you!  By making this quilt top you will learn how to do perfect circles all by machine. Don’t be scared about circles anymore. They can look applique or pieced, it’s up to you!



If you don't want to keep sending your quilt tops to someone else to quilt them, this workshop is for you.  I will teach you all my tips and secrets for you to be able to quilt your own quilts at home in your domestic sewing machine. Learn the difference between Walking Foot Quilting and Free Motion Quilting and never be scared again of ruining your quilt tops.

This is a six hour workshop that combines my Walking Foot Quilting class and Free Motion Quilting 1 class.

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All my workshops and lectures are also available in Spanish


If you haven't been brave enough to try Free Motion Quilting come take my class and you will get all the confidence you need.  Doesn't matter if you have never done it before. Learn to quilt your tops with more than straight lines!   Flowers, spirals, leaves, rocks, hearts, feathers and more, and you will do all that without marking your quilt at all.
My trademark technique, “Free Motion Quilting is Brain Training© 2013"  has given many who felt intimidated by quilting the confidence to enjoy being creative.  I will share my technique with you and you will see how easy is to train your brain and wake up your creative side. You will start loving Free Motion Quilting as much as I do.


Come back for more Free Motion.  If you already know my technique, or have some previous experience, you will really enjoy this class. More complicated designs will be taught, plus my method on how to jump from one place to another and deal with the tail ends. In this class you will learn how to sharpen your work and give it the professional look it needs.


This is a five hours workshop that puts together both of my Free Motion Quilting classes.

FIBER ART POSTCARDS AND ATC'S 4 hours or 6 hours
Create Artist Trading Cards or Fiber Art Postcards and mail them all over the world. The receiver will be amazed! Make one or one hundred and no two are ever alike. This is a great way to use up beautiful scraps that you couldn’t bear to throw away!


Kids can have fun with fiber too. In this mini workshop they will work with all kind of fabric scraps, getting inspired while they enjoy and create an amazing quilt collage.  Kids will learn about color and concepts like Focal Point.

From 7 years old to 13 years old.   All materials are included.

Not your grandmother's quilt!


3 hours or 6 hours

This is my happy zone for piecing, some times I call it "breaking-the-rules piecing method". In this workshop I will guide you through the techniques that will allow you to "design" your block as you go. A very instinctual quilting format that results in a one-of-a kind quilt!  Get inspired, enjoy and create as you learn this great piecing method.

T-SHIRT QUILT   6 hours

Do you have a bunch of t-shirts taking all your drawer or closet space but you don't want to throw them away because of the memories they hold?  Make a T-Shirt Quilt to preserve and display those memories in a keepsake you will treasure.  

In this workshop I will teach you how to prepare the t-shirts for piecing into a quilt top and I'll be at your side with great ideas for laying out and making the most of your project.  I will teach you how to design without placing the t-shirts in a traditional, boring grid.  At the end of the class your quilt top will be almost ready to put the three layers together and be quilted.